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Top 30 Fishing and Sailing Blogs Making Waves in 2023

If you are passionate about fishing or sailing, you are in for a treat.We've scoured the vast sea of online content to bring you this exclusivelist of the top 30 fishing and sailing blogs of 2023. These blogsprovide valuable insights, tips, and experiences that help you sailsmoothly and fish like a pro. Let's dive right in.

Project Atticus

A collection of images from the Project Atticus Blog

This captivating blog, crafted by Desiree and Jordan, narrates their journey of restoring a derelict sailboat and exploring the vastness of the world. The blog blends useful posts on sailing, yacht refurbishment, and marine navigation with immersive videos that capture the thrilling essence of the ocean adventure.

Sailing Totem

A collection of images from the Sailing Totem Blog

Sailing Totem provides an in-depth look at the Gifford family's extraordinary decade-long journey around the globe. This blog shares practical advice on world cruising, boat maintenance, and homeschooling at sea, making it a treasure trove of information for aspiring and seasoned sailors alike.

Sailing La Vagabonde

A collection of images from the Sailing La Vagabonde Blog

Embark on a world-spanning sailing adventure with Australians Riley and Elayna. Their blog, Sailing La Vagabonde, chronicles their experiences and lessons learned while navigating the world's oceans. The blog's combination of stunning visuals and engaging narratives captivates audiences, transporting them straight into the heart of each journey. 

Donald Buresh

A collection of images from the Donald Buresh Blog

Donald Buresh's blog is a riveting account of sailing adventures in the beautiful Hawaii. From sailing guides and tips to fascinating tales about life on the Hawaiian waters, this blog offers a unique perspective on sailing and on the island's lifestyle. 

SV Delos

A collection of images from the SV Delos Blog

Led by Brian and Karin, SV Delos chronicles their extensive voyages aboard the eponymous sailboat. The blog offers a captivating mix of personal narratives, striking visuals, and insightful guides to sailing, making it a must-follow for any sailing enthusiast.

MJ Sailing

A collection of images from the MJ Sailing Blog

Run by Matt and Jessica, MJ Sailing documents their journey of travelling the world on their sailboat. Their blog is packed with tales of their travels, practical sailing advice, and comprehensive boat maintenance tips. Their passion for adventure and exploration is truly contagious.

Sailing Uma

A collection of images from the Sailing Uma Blog

The creators of Sailing Uma, Dan and Kika, share their adventures of exploring the world on their boat "Uma". This blog provides an insightful look into living life on the water, and offers helpful tips on boat maintenance and self-sufficiency while sailing.

Sailing Zatara

A collection of images from the Sailing Zatara Blog

Join the Zatara family as they sail around the globe, sharing their experiences of boat life, travelling, and education. They have a unique perspective on family life on the water, and their blog is full of captivating stories, images, and videos.

Gone With The Wynns

A collection of images from the Gone With The Wynns Blog

Formerly full-time RVers and now sailors, Nikki and Jason Wynn document their travels, experiences, and tips on their blog. With a focus on sustainability and adventure, their unique perspective on cruising and living off the grid is both informative and entertaining.

Fishing With Rod

A collection of images from the Fishing With Rod Blog

Fishing With Rod is an engaging blog that dives deep into the world offishing in British Columbia. The blog, run by Rod, offers an extensive library of fishing videos, articles, and tips aimed at helping readers improve their skills and deepen their appreciation for the sport.

Casablanca Fishing

A collection of images from the Casablanca Fishing Blog

This is a must-read blog for any angling aficionado. Casablanca Fishing shares stories of epic fishing expeditions, complete with breathtaking photos and tips on the best fishing gear. It's a treasure trove offishing knowledge, where every post brings you closer to the heart of the angling world.

Tula's Endless Summer

A collection of images from the Tula's Endless Summer Blog

Embark on a perpetual aquatic adventure with Billy and Sierra, the couple behind Tula's Endless Summer. Their blog brims with enchanting tales of sailing, surfing, and diving, supplemented with educational resources for aspiring sailors and maritime enthusiasts.

Sailing Anarchy

A collection of images from the Sailing Anarchy Blog

If you're seeking a fresh, unfiltered perspective on sailing, look no further than Sailing Anarchy. With a vibrant community of sailors and maritime enthusiasts, this blog offers an array of articles, news, and forums that delve into every facet of the sailing world.

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

A collection of images from the Sailing Scuttlebutt Blog

A hub for sailing news and opinions, Scuttlebutt Sailing News serves as a beacon for the global sailing community. From major racing news to gear reviews and sailing tips, the blog provides a comprehensive insight into the world of sailing.

Jolly Parrot Sailing

A collection of images from the Jolly Parrot Sailing Blog

Jolly Parrot Sailing Blog is a resource-rich portal for sailing enthusiasts of all levels. They cover a variety of topics, from practical sailing tips to interesting stories about their students and sailing events.

Yachting Monthly

A collection of images from the Yachting Monthly Blog

Yachting Monthly is a reputable online portal for yachting news, tips, and gear reviews. From cruising stories to practical advice on boat handling, navigation, and maintenance, this blog is a resource haven for yachting enthusiasts.

Yachts and Yachting

A collection of images from the Yachts and Yachting Blog

Yachts and Yachting is a premier destination for competitive sailing news and insights. Their blog presents readers with a mix of event reports, technical articles, and tips for better sailing performance. A perfect read for the competitive sailor.

Social Fishing

A collection of images from the Social Fishing Blog

Social Fishing is a community-centric blog dedicated to everything freshwater fishing. From in-depth guides to latest fishing reports, it's an ideal read for those eager to improve their angling skills and understand the intricacies of freshwater fishing.

Freshwater Fishing News

A collection of images from the Freshwater Fishing News Blog

Your go-to source for news, tips, and updates in the realm of freshwater fishing. Freshwater Fishing News offers its readers a wide range of topics, including gear reviews, conservation news, and detailed fishing guides.

A double bass catch from the Freshwater Fishing News blog

Social media

Montreal Fishing

A collection of images from the Montreal Fishing Blog

Showcasing the vibrant angling scene of Montreal, this blog offers an insightful look into the city's fishing opportunities. With engaging posts detailing personal fishing experiences, Montreal Fishing is a delightful read for local and visiting anglers alike.

A rare catch from the Montreal Fishing Blog

Social media

Alabama Freshwater Fishing Report

A collection of images from the Alabama Freshwater Fishing Report Blog

A podcast-style blog that provides weekly updates on fishing conditions throughout Alabama. From expert interviews to regional spotlights, the Alabama Freshwater Fishing Report is a valuable resource for the Alabama angler.

Freshwater Fishing Advice

A collection of images from the Freshwater Fishing Advice Blog

This blog offers a wealth of advice for freshwater anglers, covering a range of topics from species-specific tips to gear recommendations. Freshwater Fishing Advice is dedicated to helping you improve your skills and catch more fish.

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

A collection of images from the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

Providing an insider's perspective on Oregon's fly fishing scene, this blog features fishing reports, gear reviews, and tips for fly tying. A must-visit resource for anyone planning a fly fishing trip to Oregon.

Bonefish on The Brain

A collection of images from the Bonefish on The Brain Blog

A specialized blog that takes readers into the exciting world of bonefishing. Featuring personal fishing tales, gear reviews, conservation issues, and destination spotlights, this blog is a treasure trove for any bonefishing enthusiast.

Matt Miles Fly Fishing

A collection of images from the Matt Miles Fly Fishing Blog

A professional guide service blog that chronicles the fishing adventures of Matt Miles. With a focus on Virginia's waters, Matt shares tips, tricks, and enthralling stories from his personal fishing expeditions.

John Crews Missle Baits

A collection of images from the John Crews Missle Baits Blog

Authored by professional bass angler John Crews, this blog offers readers an inside look at the competitive world of bass fishing. Packed with tournament recaps, tips, and gear insights, it's a must-visit for bass fishing enthusiasts.

Timmy Horton Outdoors

A collection of images from the Timmy Horton Outdoors Blog

Brought to you by professional angler Timmy Horton, this blog is filled with engaging content from fishing tips and equipment reviews to updates about Timmy's own fishing adventures. An informative and entertaining destination for every fishing aficionado.


A collection of images from the Castaholics Blog

Castaholics provides a fresh perspective on fishing with its engaging blog posts. From offering the latest gear reviews to highlighting top fishing destinations, it's a blog that fuels the passion of the modern angler.

Vermilion Bay Lodge

A collection of images from the Vermilion Bay Lodge Blog

Focusing on Eagle Lake, Ontario, Vermilion Bay Lodge's blog features reports, tips, and images about fishing in this beautiful and plentiful region. An excellent resource for anyone planning a fishing trip to Eagle Lake.

Hawker Overend

A collection of images from the Hawker Overend Blog

Run by an enthusiastic sailor and fisherman, Hawker Overend's blog combines insights from both worlds. Enjoy reading about various fishing trips, catch reports, and the occasional sailing adventure.